New Domain Aison Equipment

New Domain:

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New preventive service for continuous production equipment.

  • Assembly and maintenance of oil hydraulic equipment.
  • Assembly and maintenance of centralized lubrication systems.
  • Assembly and maintenance of automated lubrication systems.
  • Assembly and maintenance of lubrication systems.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Network installations.

Tools and Resins for Composites

  • Resin for molding, demolding and bonding of composites.
  • Pneumatic and electric tools for cutting, grinding and finishing of composite parts.
  • Drills, taps, drills, reamers, saw blades, for the treatment of composites, and plastics titaneo.

Pressure regulation equipment

Please note that 3 years have passed since the implementation of new equipment Pressure regulation (in force from 2,009). The regulation establishes conduct periodic tests every 3 or 4 years from the implementation of the new regulation. This means that revisions must be made by August of 2012 or 2013 depending on the appliance category.

In the apparatus and compressed air systems (compressors, filters, tanks ...) Suministros Homs, S.A.U. offers service personnel, who will review your premises and tell you about the actions that need to do to update the legalization of the devices.

Regulatory Pressure regulation equipment.