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Distributor Products Ingersoll Rand Distributor Products Ingersoll Rand Distributor Products Ingersoll Rand

Aison Equipment is an official distributor of the products and services of Ingersoll Rand, as

  • Repair and maintenance of compressors.
    • Sales and installation of compressors.
    • Maintenance services of compressors.
    • Sale of spare parts for compressors multibrand.
    • Maintenance of refrigeration compressors.
  • Compressed air audits.
  • Automation control compressor rooms.
    • Fluctuation in air demand of their systems. (daily, shift work, weekends).
    • Add the system a third or fourth or rotary piston compressor for your configuration.
  • Assembly and maintenance of nitrogen generators.
    • Food packaging (MAP).
    • Heat treatment.
    • Bake in inert atmospheres.
    • Wire production.
    • Copper production.
    • Aluminum extrusion.
    • Enology. Transfer of wines.
    • Inflating the tires.
    • Laser welding
    • Wave soldering.
    • Clean rooms. Pharmaceutical.
    • Pharmaceutical packaging.
  • Assembly and maintenance of water coolers.
  • Assembly and maintenance of vacuum equipment.
  • Repair electronic boards.
    • Industrial automation.
    • Repair and PLC programming.
    • Diagnostics variable frequency drives. P.I.D.
    • Diagnostics and repair of electronic boards.
  • Repair and cleaning of radiators.
    • Industrial radiator repair.
    • Cleaning radiators.
    • Locate leaks.
    • Repair hives.
  • A professional team at your service.
  • Spacious and modern installations.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of hydraulic systems and compressors.
  • Wide range of product stocks.
  • Quick Resources to solve your needs.
  • Manufacture with plane of any filter.

For more information and orders contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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