Distributor Bellota

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Distributor Products Bellota Distributor Products Bellota Distributor Products Bellota

Aison Equipment is a distributor of brand products Bellota as

  • Hoes, shovels, strokes, pitchforks and rakes.
  • Brooms, long and short handled tools.
  • Pruning saws, poles, axes, wedges, blades, hacksaws, pre-pruning disks, sickles, scythes.
  • Professional pruning shears, pulverizers, gloves, lubricants.
  • Shovels and tools for formwork, forged blades.
  • Maces, pots, wooden hammers, industrial hammers.
  • Levels, sinkers, rules and squares, measuring tapes, measuring tapes, drawing pens, pencils.
  • Screwdrivers trimax, ErgoMax, precision tips.
  • Wrenches, combination wrenches, star keys, wrenches, allen wrenches, socket wrenches, wrenches Stillson.
  • Universal pliers, cutting pliers, pliers handling, wire stripper, pliers and bolt cutters multiapertura.
  • Hand brushes, industrial brushes.
  • Limas mechanical sharpening files, needle files, rasps, rasp.
  • Diamond blades, abrasives and sheets.

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